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College–University Collaboration Program

Science faculty at West Virginia's predominately undergraduate institutions need support in establishing competitive research programs. The West Virginia NASA EPSCoR Committee designed this program to foster the development of a collaborative research project between nationally competitive investigators, at either West Virginia University or Marshall University, and scientists at West Virginia's undergraduate institutions.

Details about the NASA WV EPSCoR Collaboration Program:

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Award Decision Criteria

  • Scientific merit
  • NASA relevance
  • Collaborative Plan — Management of labor, data acquisition and sharing, connectivity, etc.
  • Mentor's Credentials
  • Institutional Support — both graduate and undergraduate institutions

Award Requirements

  • This research must lead to a collaborative grant proposal to NASA with the undergraduate scientist(s) contributing at least 30% of the proposed work. Marshall and WVU faculty may serve as principal investigators, mentors and infrastructure providers. The research role of the undergraduate faculty must be clear and critical to the overall success of the proposal.
  • A requirement of these awards is that each research group must submit a copy of the NASA grant proposal within one year of receipt of NASA EPSCoR funding. WV NASA EPSCoR may provide one time, supplemental funding up to $5,000 (to be matched 1:1) to a research group receiving favorable (non-funded) grant reviews in order for them to perform additional work to enhance their future competitiveness.